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Fiber To The Home

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Fiber to the apartment


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Fiber optic internet

to the apartments

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Fiber Optic Internet
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* the offer is valid with a 24-month contract commitment

Mercusys WiFi


Ubiquiti UniFi


  • YuboTalk Base2€/M

    VoIP number
    Voip Number Portability €10.50

  • YuboTalk Unlimited8€/M

    Unlimited minutes to fixed, 700' minutes to mobiles, and 100' to 27 EU countries, USA and Canada

  • YuboTalk mBOOST12€/M

    Unlimited minutes to fixed, 1500' minutes to mobile, and 100' to 27 EU countries, USA and Canada

  • Modulus Base2€/M

    Voip number

  • Modulus Home 7008€/M

    700' mobile and fixed Greece and fixed E.U.

  • Modulus Home 150010€/M

    1500' mobile and fixed Greece and fixed E.U.

  • Inter Telecom Base2€/M

    Voip number

  • Greece & EU Lite9€/M

    700' to Greece Fixed, Mobile and EU Fixed

  • Greece No Limit14€/M

    Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in Greece

Phone packages

We provide phone packages with Voip telephony that works through prepayment or with packages which contain fixed number of minutes to talk.

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INALAN offers a wide range of affordable and quality services for the effectiveness of your business.

Do you want to have a reliable and high-speed Internet access? Do you always need to be in touch with your customers?
Are you not satisfied with the quality of communication in your office?

INALAN provides the solution for wide range of tasks. For each client we are trying to offer services that take into account the specifics of their business and allow to stay within the budget. In addition, we guarantee 24/7 technical support. This means that your business will operate as efficiently as possible under any circumstances.

Internet access is the basis for the realization of all modern IT-services. Do you aspire to be the best in your field, do you always need to be online? INALAN offers the perfect environment for Internet access – fiber optic connection.

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