The web portal and the application INALAN APP (hereinafter referred as the “Application”) were created and are being operated by the societe anonyme “MEDIANET INVEST MEMBER SOCIETE ANONYME” with distinctive title “MEDIANET INVEST S.A.” with registration number at the General Electronic Commercial Registry 13151510100, Tax Registration Number 800599796, Tax Office of Societes Anonymes of Athens, with registered address at the Municipality of Metamorfosis, in Pefkon street no. 56 (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

The Application is addressed exclusively to the clients of the Company, and its object is to provide them access to the information concerning their account, the charges and their contact details registered with the Company. Also, there is a possibility to pay their bills and to contact the Company.

The use of the Application is subject to the present terms and conditions, as well as the Company’s policy on privacy and protection of personal data, and the general terms and conditions of the website of the Company and the terms of the contracts between the Company and its clients. In case of disagreement among the aforementioned provisions, the more specific terms shall prevail. Finally, in case any term or provision of the present is ruled as invalid or non- applicable, either by a Greek Court or any other competent Authority, the remaining terms shall not be affected and shall remain in effect and shall apply normally.

The use of the Application shall only be allowed to adults, and the Company shall bear no liability in case of use by minors.

Finally, the Company maintains the right to amend the present terms and conditions at any time and without prior notification or warning, and therefore it is recommended that users of the Application visit the present page and be informed regularly for the applicable terms and conditions which are in effect.

By using the Application, we consider that you have read and consent unconditionally with the present terms of use.


Access to the Application is possible for clients of the Company, with the use of the personalized access codes of their account, which are provided to them by the Company at the time of entering into the subscription agreement for the services of the Company. It also provides access to the electronic services of the Company through its website.

The users must keep their personal access codes safe and secret and they shall be solely liable for their safekeeping and use, as well as for all the actions resulting from using them.

In case of loss of the access codes or disclosure by any means, the users must inform the Company, which shall under no circumstances be liable for any damage which may be suffered by the user from their use by third parties due to the disclosure or for any other reason and the Company shall maintain the right to terminate access to the Application as well as to seek remedy for any damage which it may incur from that use.


The Application provides its users access to their electronic account and provides information regarding the balance due, the activity of the account and the charges.


By accessing the Application, the users may communicate with a representative of the Company by completing and sending the relevant contact form, regarding matters concerning their subscription, their details, technical matters or for any other question regarding the Company and its services.


The user of the Application has access to the information of his/ her profile. The profile includes identification and contact details, as well as details of the user’s subscription program and agreement. The user is also provided the possibility to change his access password in the application.

During the first login in the Application, the user shall be required to change the password which was provided to him/ her at the time of entering into the subscription agreement, and the user must change that password into a personal secret password of his choice.


The Application provides the users the possibility to pay their bill online. This service is provided by the Company with the use of the payment system EveryPay and it is regulated by the special terms and conditions of use of EveryPay system {LINK}


The users of the Application may contact the Company for any mater concerning their subscription, the Company’s services or the Application, either by using the Contact Form which is available on the Application, or by telephone at [TELEPHONE] or by sending an email at [email].


The Application, the content, the logos and any information which appears in the application and the web portal are the exclusive intellectual property of the Company and any non- authorized use thereof is strictly forbidden.

Further, the Company maintains the right to amend the content of the Application, the present terms of use and any information included in the Application at its absolute discretion and without it being obliged to notify or inform the users in advance. Additionally, the Company maintains the right to terminate the access to the Application and or the operation of the Application, either temporarily or permanently, without prior notice, for technical or other reasons. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any damage suffered by any user due to such termination or interruption or from any failure of the users to access the Application.

The Company shall also bear no liability in case that for any reason there is a deletion or erroneous registration of data or information in the Application or web portal.

The Company respects and complies fully with the applicable legislation regarding the protection of your personal data and it does not provide to any unauthorized third party or representative of the Company access to the information and data of the users of the Application and the web portal.

You may find further information regarding the privacy policy and protection of personal data as well as the Cookies Policy of the Company in our website