Bring your neighbor

The offer is valid indefinitely.

A special offer that provides you with 1 month of free internet. How? Easily! Inform your neighbor and your friends, who live in the same building or next door, for Inalan’s incredible speed. All they have to do is mention your name when proceeding with their request. Once connected, you will receive a whole month of free internet.


Only in Inalan you can have such high speed along with a telephony program at the lowest price.
The anti-covid offer provides you with 100Mbps D / 100 Mbps Up + 1500′ towards landlines and 300′ towards mobile phones with only 30 euros per month with a binding contract of 18 months. We inform you that this offer is valid for connections that will be made until 15/08/2021.

*For Ηome Packages there is a monthly usage limit of 10% of the total data volume,  which means 3,5 TB Upload/ 3,5 TB Download .